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Nugios Channel Manager is a system for hotels and for chains of hotels that updates the availability and rates of a hotel directly to major OTAs and retrievers reservations accordingly, making it easy for the hotel to offer its rooms online with live mode availability synchronization, avoiding overbooking and rate parity issue.


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How it Works

Why Nugios Channel Manager?

In 2020 entire world has been changed. Many industries and especially Travel & Tourism come up on the stage where online connection is the highest level of communication.

Nugios is a fast-growing Channel Manager System with well experienced and professional talents in the field of IT, Hotel, Travel & Tourism Industries who are excited by innovation, finest personal service to help partners achieve their goals, drive sales, increase revenue and improve the travel technology industry online.


  • Easy for Use
  • 24/7 Support
  • Real Time Availability Sync with Channels
  • Real Time Availability Sync with Hotel PMS Systems
  • Real Time Price Sync with Channels
  • All Channels in One Place to Manage

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